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NEW Video Archive Update.....
(Runtime 7:34 - MP4) "Strappy Panties" video file. Slow and deliberately mesmerizing piece showcasing My beautiful creamy ass wrapped in very strappy high contrast panties. Using My long elegant opera length ciré finished gloves, I seductively adjust the two strap garter that holds up My expensive designer fully fashioned Cuban heel stockings (backseam, FF, gorgeous keyhole). My silky voice is crystal clear, no background music, and My words are sensual and teasing. My intent is to lower your IQ as you kneel behind Me, ready to worship every inch of My perfect rear and promise to devote your life and soul to pampering Me as I deserve.

(ass worship, sensual domination, panty worship, gloves, FF stockings, garter, teasing, premium audio, crystal clear vocals, no background music)

NEW Video Archive Update.....
(Runtime 2:17 - MP4) "Big Round Ripoff" video file. In My brain melting crystal clear voice (no background music) I vainly explain how gorgeous My big round breasts are and how stupid and brainless My creamy curves make you. I slip between ultra sexy seduction and mildly taunting humiliation - light humiliation - and all you have to do is sit there, watch, and pay Diva. So easy even a zombie blank like you can do it!

(financial domination, deep cleavage, breast teasing, light humiliation, premium audio, crystal clear vocals, no background music)

NEW Major Website Updates now in progress.....
I am currently working on deep code and graphical layout for My website - a brand new design geared for perfect compatibility with mobile devices! I will also be launching several dozen delicious new website features and interesting little areas for you to wander around and likely get lost... My personal attention will be a bit more limited than usual while I focus on building My new site so be certain to hustle on days that I do announce I am available.

When will My new layout be ready? Soon! I am also working on a second website dedicated to something very specific - currently top secret but something right in line with My lifestyle as an actual living and breathing Diva. So for now, why don't you be a good cheerleader and cheer Me ON as I slave over this hot keyboard and pop over to My wish list and send Me a gift card, or request to purchase something from My list specifically... I adore receiving "digital flowers" from fans!

I've spent this year implementing very expensive equipment and software upgrades, the Video and Audio files I have outlined to create will be nothing short of breath taking. Brace yourself, I'm coming in hot and in platinum quality...

Games and Surveys Archive Update.....

Take my surveys, answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability. Information gathered is for my benefit and used for continued data collection and behavioral research.

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